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LUMINOVA Group is a world-leading visualization company with production and rendering facilities located in Tokyo and Melbourne providing services to clients around the globe. We have extensive experience delivering detailed 3D visualization for product launches, marketing campaigns, property developments, and project management applications. We specialize in physical-based rendering, which ensures our clients receive accurate, photorealistic images and animations, accelerated production outcomes, reliable delivery timeframes, and visualization of extremely high quality and value.



The most advanced CG technology, products, services and support that we provide are what give our customers a competitive advantage and improves their overall project outcomes.

  • Arch-LOGArch-LOG WEB site

    Arch-LOG, a comprehensive search site for building materials and BIM objects released in April 2016, is a platform that can complete all operations related to building materials in a Web-based environment. Arch-LOG is the only solution that solves all problems related to building and providing BIM product models of manufacturers in response to the BIM workflow that is required in the modern construction industry.

  • Iray

    Iray is the world's first interactive, physically accurate, photorealistic rendering solution. Iray accelerates the creative process by using the actual “material” and “light source” settings you experience every day to physically simulate the environment.
    By maximizing the processing power of NVIDIA® graphics units (GPUs), users can not only realistically draw what they envision, but also interact with them in a traditional, intuitive approach. The spread of ideas can be seen as real.

  • Reality Server

    The RealityServe platform provides a powerful fusion of NVIDIA GPUs and 3DWEB service applications to enable the development and implementation of services that provide interactive, photorealistic applications over the Internet, providing product designers, designers, consumers, and others with a 3D experience.
    RealityServer, which implements state-of-the-art Iray rendering technology, renders a huge amount of 3D data in real-time on the cloud server-side, allowing 3D information to be visualized on any client PC or smartphone as long as it can use a web browser Is the world's first system.

    Reality Server
  • Bloom unit

    BloomUnit is a SketchUp plug-in service that allows you to create realistic and beautiful scenes using the power of cloud computing.
    You only need to press the button once. Then you can:
    1. Output photorealistic images based on true simulation of how light actually behaves
    2. Photorealistic images can be shared in real-time with multiple stakeholders connected to the device, and online changes can be made with various stakeholders at a distance while viewing live photorealistic images. Quick fixes, corrections, and final decisions.

    Bloom unit
  • Package Visualizer

    Package Visualizer 4.0, released in December 2011, is an interactive configurator system that allows customers to apply their designs and images to various container shapes on the web.
    You can intuitively change the shape and color of the cap intuitively, and rotate and enlarge it freely in 3D to view images such as photos in real-time.
    Your favorite images can also be instantly distributed via email and downloaded. Package Visualizer based on RealityServer / iray technology is a system that has a rendering server at the back end, a container database and management as middleware, and a web application that can be browsed by any browser through the Internet connection at the front.

    Package Visualizer


Based on our product and technical know-how, the “Visualization Solution Service” is based on how to effectively utilize customer information throughout the project life cycle according to the purpose and how to use them. We will propose whether to increase the value as a 3D information asset regardless of the industrial field

  • 3DCG

    In LUMINOVA, staff with specialized knowledge in each industrial field performs 3D modeling (modeling) of information, so not only work is done by communication between customers and professionals, but also the purpose and intention of projects and utilization methods Build data that is optimized for maximum cost-effectiveness.
    Our CG production using the world's highest and most advanced CG rendering technology provides not only high quality but also timely and highly accurate 3D information to our customers according to business needs.

  • Promotion Movie

    One of the unique services provided by LUMINOVA is the production of various promotional videos.
    Various promotional video productions, which previously required a great deal of time and money, have become relatively inexpensive and of high quality, thanks to our contracted services.

    Promotion Movie
  • System Development

    We support the development of very advanced systems specialized in visualization based on the world's highest peak CG element technology and technical know-how that we handle.
    We support system integration and development in various fields, from the construction of various cloud rendering services to the WEB configurator for mass customization, construction management systems, and iPad tools for real estate sales promotion.

    System Development