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LUMINOVA JAPAN was established in Japan in 2004.
With world-leading CG technology, we support our customer's technical needs
and facilitate access to new and sophisticated CG technology in areas of BIM,
3D simulation and analysis, 3d modeling, rendering and animation.
In all industries, the prevalence of CG technology has typically required companies
to continually invest in advanced training, and constantly evolving software and hardware.
With technology developments moving so quickly, and the cost of keeping pace increasing,
some fields are falling further behind, or not taking full advantage of the assets they already have.
At Luminova we have the software development and CG production capabilities,
as well as access to significant cloud computing resources to facilitate any customer
in applying new and specialized 3D technology solutions to their businesses.

world's highest quality 3D

Information that could not be centrally managed until now

Visualization solutions provided by Luminova

Luminova provides solutions for – BIM documentation, Architectural/Real Estate Construction Project Concepts, Business Planning, Design Reviews, Construction Planning, Environmental Simulation, Landscape Simulation, lighting simulation, tenant development & leasing, education, corporate PR, facility PR, Sales promotion tools, facility management (renewal, renovation, and maintenance).
3D data that is created for these solutions is centrally managed and can also be provided
for sharing in realtime via web interfaces, VR applications and movie and image presentations.
Luminova will provide tailored support for any given project, and enable you to capitalize
on all of the information assets generated throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

Service example: Construction industryCompetative advantages offered by Luminova

  • 01 Improve the quality and quantity of business concepts and plans

    Timely recognition with 3DCG. Effective for board meetings and bidding materials.

  • 02 Visualize design and construction information

    Hedge project risks in advance by visualizing high-precision, high-density, and timely construction plans

  • 03 Reform design phase meetings

    Improve business productivity and quality at the same time by visualizing according to a purpose.

  • 04 Improved BIM documentation process

    Streamline documentation process from concept to construction by implementing BIM products

  • 05 Synchronize with the work schedule and create 3D images at an early stage

    Simultaneously reduce workload and improve quality

  • 06 Reduction of unnecessary costs and man-hours such as additional construction

    Detailed construction check is possible in advance with BIM documentation and 3D images. Faster decision making is possible.

  • 07 Information sharing and early decision-making

    Simultaneous sharing of high-density detailed information with multi-access WEB function


Trading NameLuminova Japan Co., Ltd.
Address〒Hamamatsucho RiseSquare-2F, 1-3-3, Shibaura, Minato-ku,Tokyo, Japan, 105-0023
DirectorSosei Kazuki