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  • Arch-LOG

    Arch-LOGArch-LOG WEB site

    Arch-LOG, a comprehensive search site for building materials and BIM objects released in April 2016, is a platform that can complete all operations related to building products and materials in a Web-based environment. Arch-LOG is the only universal solution that solves all problems related to the design/building/maintenance process, providing high quality, accurate and current BIM product content from manufacturers which can be used directly in BIM design workflows, as is required in the modern construction industry.
    Arch-LOG maximizes the use-value, sales effectiveness, and advertising effectiveness of any building product model by providing users with end to end solutions and manufacturers with critical usage log information.
    As a platform, it not only functions as a search site but also offers free downloads of BIM objects and photo-real, real-time cloud rendering for various industry-standard design software packages. Arch-LOG provides the only rendering plugin built with Reality Server and iray technology that is free of charge, operating by reserving cloud-based render servers via the internet, so no special hardware is required for demanding rendering processes.

  • Iray


    The arrival of next-generation realism and acceleration of creativity
    Iray is the world's first interactive, physically accurate, photorealistic rendering solution. Iray accelerates the creative process by using the actual “material” and “light source” settings you experience every day to physically simulate the environment.
    By maximizing the processing power of NVIDIA® graphics units (GPUs), users can not only realistically draw what they envision, but also interact with them in a traditional, intuitive approach.

    Advanced shading technology
    Iray uses a highly optimized Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) and Emission Distribution Function (EDF) shading framework.
    It also supports Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) lighting analysis and HDR environment maps, light sources such as spotlights, point lights, parallel lights, and area lights.

    Iray supports the NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL) which is a material definition framework that defines the physical behavior of light at a high-level. MDL materials are interchangeable between other supporting renderers making them desirable as digital assets.

  • Reality Server

    Reality Server

    The RealityServe platform provides a powerful fusion of NVIDIA GPUs and 3DWEB service applications to enable the development and implementation of services that provide interactive, photorealistic applications over the Internet, providing designers, consumers, and others with a targeted 3D experience.
    RealityServer is the world's first system that implements state-of-the-art Iray rendering technology to render huge amounts of 3D data in real-time on the cloud server-side, allowing 3D information to be visualized on any client PC or smartphone as long as it can use a web browser.
    The client does not perform the rendering process locally, so no special hardware is required. RealityServer distributes only the rendered image instead of the original 3D data, so 3D data can be shared by multiple users while maintaining data security.
    All 3D data is centrally managed on the server without any simplification while delivering customized interactive applications to collaborate with multiple users, manipulate and render your 3d data, and link additional information and features. Added to this, the ability to expand cloud resources, now readily available, enables the deployment of innovative services to enhance the value and profitability of your assets and build new business models on.

  • Bloom unit

    Bloom unit

    BloomUnit is a SketchUp plug-in service that allows you to create realistic and beautiful scenes using the power of cloud computing.
    With one click you can:
    1. Output photorealistic images based on true simulation of how light actually behaves.
    2. Share and collaborate in real-time with multiple stakeholders connected to any internet enabled device. Quick fixes, corrections, and final decisions based on physically accurate, photoreal output, are all accelerated by real-time collaboration with stakeholders, regardless of their geographic location.

  • Package Visualizer

    Package Visualizer

    Package Visualizer 4.0, released in December 2011, is an interactive configurator system that allows customers to apply their designs and images to various container shapes on the web.
    You can intertactively manipulate the shape, color, material type and graphics, all in real-time with physical, photoreal feedback.
    Your favorite images can also be instantly distributed via email/download links and furthermore, the quality is suitable to use for marketing/print campaigns, accelerating product design concept to market pipelines further.
    Package Visualizer is based on RealityServer / iray technology. It comprises of a backend rendering server, packaging component and material database, and a web based UI application that can be accessed via public or secure internet or local network connections depending on your specific use case.